Ava The Elephant

Ava the Elephant is the only talking medicine dispenser, seen on Shark Tank USA. Ava helps administer the entire medicine dosage on the first try and it creates a pleasant experience for kids to take their medicines and gives them positive reinforcement.


Hate kneeling and bending over a baby bathtub that’s just not close enough or high enough? Say hello to better bath times with CharliChair - the stress-free and pain-free answer to infant bathing woes, as seen on Shark Tank.

Cozigo category image


Day sleeps are extremely important to a baby's health and when you get them right, it often improves the way a baby sleeps throughout the night. Keeping consistent sleeping routines can be a challenge for parents when they have to be out and about. This was why Cozigo was created. Not only is it a sleep cover for prams and strollers, it can also be used as a sun shade cover.


Dare-u-go! Is a 5-in-1 food storage bib made brilliantly for travel and convenience for babies/toddlers. Designed as the “ultimate” bib, dare-u-go! Folds into a food storage unit that seals air-tight. It not only catches food to help keep clothes clean, but it is also easy to wipe down and has built-in dividers so food doesn’t touch! (a spork is included and the bib is microwave safe and dishwasher safe)

Snoofy Bee & Self Feeding
Suction Bowls

We Believe That Cute Little Hands Don't Belong in Dirty Diapers!
SnoofyBee's unique Clean Hands Changing pads are 3 products in 1.
A changing pad, a diaper clutch, and a diaper-time playmat.
Snoofybee is on a mission to make diaper changes an easier and happier time.

The Beebo

The Beebo is a free hand bottle holder designed to enhance the feeding time for you, your baby and your family. The Beebo frees up a hand during these precious moments, giving you the ability to read a book to your baby, massage and caress your baby, or even enjoy family meals together. Perfect for parents who bottle feed with pumped breast milk or formula. Nursing moms have a free hand; now bottle feeding parents can too!


The up, down, all-around best baby carrier. Ease, comfort, and quality.
See why Tushbaby has over 1,000 5-star reviews from customers around the globe.

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UnbuckleMe® is a small tool that makes it 50% easier to unbuckle a child’s car seat. For grandparents with arthritis, moms with long nails or kids 4+ who are ready to unbuckle themselves in the school dropoff line. Say hello to your new favorite carpool buddy.