Bottlepops designed talking bottle openers have been developed to provide a fun gift to retail &
merchandising sectors. A captivating, unique, functional and all round entertaining product.

– Bottlepops is a new and fresh, fun product.
– Available in a large range of designs for the sports lover or the pop culture fan.
– Uniquely designed to look and feel like a real sports ball & real characters.
– Sound files play every time a bottle is opened.
– Easy and fun push down ‘pop’ motion to open bottles.
– Branding, colours and sound files can be customised.
– Custom designs can be created, perfect for special events.
– Price point is affordable as a gift & impulse buy product.
– Ergonomic design for easy use.
– Magnetic bottle top catch aids in environmentally friendly recycling.
– Stands out and engages customers’ senses.
– 15 to 25 sport specific sound files per unit.
– Interchangeable battery is included up to 700 press life (MSDS available.)
– CE & ROHS approved.
– Patent & Trademarked approved in multiple countries
– 3 month warranty on all purchases.


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