Dare U Go


Dare-u-go! Is a 5-in-1 food storage bib made brilliantly for travel and convenience for babies/toddlers.

Designed as the “ultimate” bib, dare-u-go! Folds into a food storage unit that seals air-tight. It not only catches food to help keep clothes clean, but it is also easy to wipe down and has built-in dividers so food doesn’t touch! (a spork is included and the bib is microwave safe and dishwasher safe)

Seals air-tight!
One of our huge must-have features of dare-u-go! Is that the unit seals air-tight. Pack it to go and carefully place it in your purse or diaper bag, mess-free!

Just about anywhere!
There are endless possibilities as to where we can be on-the-go with you, no matter what your lifestyle.

– seals airtight
– non-stick, non-latex phthalate material
– top-shelf dishwasher friendly
– microwave safe
– 100% waterproof food-grade silicone

easy to use
– designed for heavy use
– multiple compartments
– never lose the lid again
– wipes clean easily

– BPA, PVC & TPE free
– help a cause with a purchase
– save water by avoiding extra laundry
– contribute less trash to landfills

kids love it
– give kids a sense of independence
– they eat fresher ingredients
– more healthy food options
– fun colors for personalization
– adjustable collar offers a comfortable feel for kids

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