Flexi Snake

The patented FlexiSnake™ Hair Clog Tool snags drain hair like magic! . If you have a slow bathtub drain or a clogged sink drain, it’s likely that hair has accumulated around the drain stopper. Chemical drain cleaners take 30-60 minutes and are not effective on these types of slow running or blocked drains.
 FlexiSnake, with it’s clever hook-and-loop pad, is quick and easy to use. Your drain will be running freely immediately. There’s no need to crawl under the sink to disassemble the trap either. Just slide FlexiSnake into the drain opening, twist and pull. It’s fast , it’s safe and it’s inexpensive -why use anything else!
Tip: If you notice water backing up into the sink or tub right after turning on the water, then the blockage is located near the drain opening – and that’s just the type of drain problem that FlexiSnake was designed to fix!

Flexi Snake has 1 Product BUT comes in single and twin packaging,


Patented Micro Hook Technology:
-Slimmest Design: only 1/8” diameter
-Fits down any style of drain
-No sharp edges that hang up on drain parts

New Patented Handle:
– Easy to Use
– Spins 360 degrees: Winds up Hair
– Quick Release Wands: No-Mess Cleanup

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