Hegs Pegs

Hegs Pegs integrate a patented hook design allowing the user to hang
or hook multiple items to save line space. The strong grip keeps garments
secure on the line even in windy conditions. Hegs Pegs can also be placed
on the line at an angle to keep the washing tight which reduces wrinkles
saving ironing time.

• Save space on the line by hanging multple items with dual hooks.
• No more rust stains due the HEGS stainless steel spring.
• Ideal for bulky items as HEGS have an extra wide mouth.
• HEGS are easy to use due to the large ergonomic grip

Over 20 million HEGS sold!
Since the first peg was sold in 2013, over 20 million HEGS Pegs have
made their way to washing lines throughout Australia and overseas.
In Australia, HEGS Pegs are a standard line in over 1700 of the country’s two major supermarket outlets – Woolworths and Coles. They are stocked in over 180 Big W variety stores as well as select Foodland and IGA stores distributed through the Metcash Group.
Internationally HEGS have been exported and sold in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and South Africa through international distributors and we are always looking for the right new markets.


Our core colours are orange, pink and cornflower blue.  We also produce a ‘Pastels’ range of HEGS Pegs in pastel pink, pastel green and pastel blue.

For large orders we can make HEGS Pegs in a bespoke colour.  These can be matched into 100% recyclable kraf board packs or for ongoing ranging it is possible to match with our laminate bags in varying sizes.

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