The Cut Buddy

 The Cut Buddy is a hair and beard shaping template that helps you deliver a perfect trim. The Cut Buddy trimming template tool works in conjunction with hair clippers, trimmer, detailers, outliners, disposable razors, or a straight razor. With a quick glide of a clipper or razor, anyone can quickly have a perfect hairline, beard, neckline, or mustache. In her line of duty, she came face-to-face with struggles associated with taking medication, especially in children. Whether autistic or not, no kid comfortably enjoys the practice. The idea popped up when, on one occasion, she encountered a child with down syndrome. Knowing the struggle that would ensue if she forced the young boy to take his medicine, tiffany decided to try a small invention. She took some fabric, sponges, and a medical dropper put them together and breathed life in the design by attaching an audio clip with a greeting message to make it talk. As the sweet boy’s nanny, tiffany’s duty was to soothe him and make sure the young child took his drugs. To her surprise, the idea worked and the special boy cheered up to his dose of medicine.


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