Throat and Ear Scope

Throat Scope is created and distributed by Holland Healthcare. Holland Healthcare’s product range includes Throat Scope, TelScope Telehealth System, Pap Scope, Wound Scope, and Ear Scope

TelScope is the illuminating tongue depressor and app combination that gives
patents and clinics a complete oral telehealth system

Lights Up Inside the Mouth
• All-in-one light + tongue depressor
• Places the light source directly inside the mouth for a clear view of the throat, teeth, tongue, palate and gums
Increase Accuracy of Oral Examinations
• An illuminated view of the entire mouth with no shadows or dark spots
• More accurate results and diagnoses
Increase Patient Comfort
• Depresses the tongue with no taste
• Illuminate the mouth between the tongue and cheek for gag-sensitive patients
• Kiddos love it – it’s like a Light Saber or Fairy Wand!
One-handed Inspections
• Free up an extra hand to position your patient’s head or take a swab/culture
Designed to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination
Lights up automatically; no button-holding
Light handle provides 3-4 years of use for a medical professional (20 hours of constant illumination)
Single-use depressors are individually-wrapped and open quickly and easily so that you don’t have to touch the depressor
Single-use depressors are recyclable


Telehealth means we move from a traditional medical examination approach (medical professional examines a patient in person) to a patient examination approach (patient examining themselves at home for an online medical professional);
Telehealth Pain Points:
• Medical professionals are using different medical devices & software to their patients, how will they educate and train a patient on using a medical device or app if they aren’t using it themselves
• Existing medical devices are expensive and difficult to use;
• Existing medical devices do not provide enough light inside an orifice for an online diagnosis
TelScope® the Patented Solution:
• Introduce medical devices and apps used by both medical professionals and their patients
• Introduce simple, affordable solutions, used for a stand alone medical examination or a telehealth examination
• Introduce revolutionary medical device attachments using transparent plastic and light refraction to provide the light at the base of the lesion or infection and capture superior images for easy, fast accurate online diagnosis
TelScope® Product Features:
• Simple Universal Design – Attaches to any type of smart device
• Light Source Inside the Mouth – provides direct light on the oral lesion or tooth for easy online diagnosis
• Transparent Plastic Depressors – provides superior illumination
• Adaptable – oral exam device used on or off the smart device
• Rechargeable Antimicrobial handle – to decrease risk of bacteria
• Single Use Depressors – to decrease cross contamination
• Affordable – solution for patients and professionals
• Transportable – Easily fits into your pocket for hospital rounds and pop-up clinics
• Efficient – Everyone is already carrying a smart device so it’s easy to attach TelScope product, capture an image with the Telscope App and send to your email for software upload
TelScope® App Features:
• Superior Natural Light – provides the right natural light for mouth tissue illumination and image capture
• Built in Measurement Function – provides accurate measurements of oral lesions
• Easy Image Capture – the illuminated depressor provides a natural light source directly on the oral lesion providing easy, superior image capture for online diagnosis
• Affordable – anyone can download and use our app for first month free then 0.99 per month

Ear Scope

Ear Scope® = attaches to the TelScope handle to provide Intra-aural Illumination for superior intra-aural telehealth diagnosis
• Ear Scope is the second attachment for the TelScope handle.
• Ear Scope provides superior intra-aural illumination
• Ear Scope will use the existing TelScope App

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