Tush Baby

Tush Baby ®is a simple ergonomic hip-seat that lets parents carry their baby without putting unnecessary stress on their body. TushBaby® distributes the weight of the baby evenly and  has a soft memory foam seat. With 4 carrying positions for babies from  new born to 3 years.  It also  boasts  multiple pockets for toting baby essentials,  phones, bottles, toys and everything in  between.

TushBaby® to help distribute baby’s weight evenly and  help      carry her effortlessly.  Her husband  loved the comfort and simplicity of the hip-seat — and their baby girl seemed  pretty pleased too.   Tammy and  Dan  both  began wearing TushBaby® out and about for errands and  play dates.  Every time, they were stopped and asked where they purchased their unique hip-seat, people wanted to purchase one for themselves. That’s when Tammy realized there was a true need for a      simple baby carrier. The parents had spoken.


TushBaby® is a soft, ergonomic baby carrier that sits
right on your hip. No straps or complicated  buckles,
it’s easy to take on and off for quick or extended use.


Multiple storage areas & pockets to hold diapers, wipes,        

bottles, keys & a phone with loops for attaching toys or sanitizer.


Made with washable, high-quality materials and a memory foam
seat, the supportive waist belt evenly distributes baby’s weight
with no strain on the back or hips. Various Colours and designs to choose from


Designed to hold babies in their natural position, TushBaby  
has been endorsed by both chiropractors and paediatricians.

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